Valley Garden Provides More...The comfort, health, and safety of residents are major concerns for the Valley Garden staff. To this end, there is a manager and maintenance worker on call at all times. Valley Garden Apartments staff provide immediate service for emergencies with follow up completed as quickly as possible. Preventive maintenance is ongoing. Painting, lawn care, and litter elimination are ongoing. The management and staff take pride in providing a pleasant living environment.

Recent renovations to the property include an updated laundry facility with all new equipment, including large capacity washers and dryers for larger items.  The well lighted interior is painted a bright, people friendly color. The keyless entry system, laundry cards, large picture windows, full length glass doors, and security camera help ensure a feeling of security when using the facility, no matter when laundry is being done.  Folding tables and a hanging clothes rack make completing the laundry chore much easier.  A restroom is conveniently located in the facility for resident’s use. The facility is handicap accessible.

Sidewalks and a well equipped playground provide safe places to walk and play. The playground sports new, modern play equipment and landscaping.  Children can now happily scale a mountain, swing up towards the clouds, or climb on the back of a giant caterpillar without realizing that they are actually working to build stronger, healthier bodies.

Several public bus stops are located within the community and the management company has provided them with covered awnings and benches for the comfort and safety of commuters. The shuttle buses allow residents public transportation to most areas of the city of Huntsville.

Landscaping includes mature trees and an abundance of green space. Seasonal plantings flourish in numerous planting areas around the community. This beautiful landscaping and thorough upkeep of the grounds has won the property many City Beautification awards.